Women's Imaging

Why Radiology Regional is the Clear Choice for Women’s Imaging in Southwest Florida

We are the only team in Southwest Florida with local, board-certified radiologists,
including fellowship trained women’s imagers.

Our Comprehensive Services

  • 3D Mammography, the most accurate breast imaging technology
  • Abbreviated Breast MR for screening dense breasts and dense breasts with silicone implants
  • Digital Mammography with Computer Aided Detection
  • Breast Biopsy at convenient locations in Lee, Collier and Charlotte Counties
  • Accredited Mammography, Breast Ultrasound and MRI
  • Online Patient Portal to view exam results
  • All-inclusive pricing means no hidden costs
  • Providing excellent imaging for 50 years

Our breast imaging centers offer fully comprehensive services from routine screening to state-of-the-art follow-up exams.

As technology advances, understanding medical exams and procedures become more complex. The quality of services provided is an important consideration. Each of our centers is staffed with highly trained technologists and board-certified radiologists who are dedicated to providing quality, efficiency and privacy. Our radiologists are experts in their field, providing mammographic studies that are interpreted according to the most recent professional guidelines and collaborating with other medical specialists to form a total care treatment team. We offer a full spectrum of state-of-the-art technology to aid in the diagnosis and evaluation of breast cancer.

AB-MR Screening for Dense Breasts

AB-MR Plus Screening for Dense Breasts with Silicone Implants

3D Mammography

Breast Ultrasound

Breast MRI

Breast Biopsy

Digital Mammography

Computer Aided Detection

Osteoporosis Screening (DEXA and QCT)

Breast Health Links 

Women’s imaging is an important part of what we do.  We provide women with a warm caring and professional atmosphere.  Each woman receives special, personalized attention from our technologists and radiologists.

The Society for Breast Imaging (SBI) Provides Screening Mammography Recommendations for Women Receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine.  Click here for details