AB-MR Plus

Abbreviated Breast MRI Screening for Dense Breasts with Silicone Implants (AB-MR Plus)

  • Dense breasts may hide early cancer when it has the best chance for cure. The amount of dense tissue may increase your risk of breast cancer.
  • Mammograms are the “road map” of the breast and demonstrate the most common form of breast cancer as calcifications. Breast density is determined by the appearance of the tissue on the mammogram.
  • Breast MRI, in conjunction with mammography, is the most sensitive and specific method for detecting early stage breast cancer. In fact, it is exceedingly rare for MRI to miss an invasive, more advanced breast cancer.
  • Breast MRI does not use ionizing radiation (x-ray) and does not require compression.
  • Implants make it much more difficult to image the entire breast by mammography because they obscure some of the breast tissue.
  • Implants are not lifetime devices, and will likely rupture. Silicone gel-filled implant rupture may be “silent” meaning it may not cause symptoms.
  • The FDA recommends that all women with silicone gel-filled implants have MRI screening for “silent” rupture 3 years after placement and every 2 years thereafter.
  • Abbreviated Breast MRI Plus (AB-MR Plus) is a new, low out-of-pocket cost, shortened version of the standard breast MRI exam. It was developed as supplemental screening of dense breasts with additional imaging specific to detect “silent” silicone leaks and ruptures.
  • Discuss with your health care provider if supplemental screening is right for you.

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