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3D Mammography

Radiology Regional uses 3D mammography, a state-of-the-art technology, that has revolutionized the way breast cancer is detected. 3D mammography gives our radiologists the ability to view breast tissue layer by layer, helping to see the fine details more clearly by minimizing overlapping tissue. During a 3D mammogram, multiple low-dose images known as “slices” of the breast are acquired at different angles. With 3D technology, the radiologist can view a mammogram in a way never before possible.

The Benefits of 3D Mammography

One of the greatest benefits of 3D Mammography is the reduced number of callbacks for additional mammography, about 30%. 3D mammography helps distinguish harmless abnormalities from real cancers, leading to fewer callbacks for additional mammography and less anxiety for women.

Early detection is the best defense against breast cancer. 3D mammography has been shown in clinical studies to be more accurate than conventional mammography alone by detecting cancers earlier. In fact, 3D mammography increases breast cancer detection by 38%.

What to Expect When Having a 3D Mammogram

This video was published by Mammography Saves to help you prepare for your mammogram and what to expect during the exam.

How much radiation will I be exposed to?

It varies from person to person and is roughly equivalent to film/screen mammography. The amount of radiation is below government safety standards.

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