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MRI Full Body Healthscan

MRI image quality has the ability to clearly define structures and lesions within the body in great detail. Using the latest technology in MR, physicians can now create 3D reconstructions of targeted areas in the body, allowing them to determine if a suspicious abnormality requires further investigation.


What does the

MRI Full Body Healthscan look at?

The MRI Full Body Healthscan looks at the brain, chest, abdomen, and pelvis to identify abnormalities, inflammation, and obstructive processes in the body. 


Who should have an MRI Full Body Healthscan?

This exam is useful for individuals who are asymptomatic, yet want an overview of their current health condition. Early detection of cancers can radically change the type of treatment options available to a patient. 

How long does the exam take?

We are able to perform the MRI Full Body Healthscan in about 30 minutes, imaging the patient from their brain to their pelvis. The speed, accuracy, and detail provided by this screening exam comes at no risk to the patient’s health.


Do I need an order from my doctor?

An order from your healthcare provider is not required to have MRI Full Body Healthscan. You must have an established physician to send the report to.