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Schedule the Mobile Mammo at your Business or Organization

Mobile Mammo Coach

The Mobile Mammo is just that, mobile! We travel to multiple Florida counties including Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Sarasota, Manatee, Hillsborough and others.

The Mobile Mammo can be retained by companies and organizations for private or public screening events to provide the convenience of annual screening mammograms at your workplace or community. There is no cost to your business or organization to host the Mobile Mammo, however a minimum of ten patient appointments are required in Lee and Collier County (20 in surrounding counties) for a screening event or the event may be rescheduled or canceled with a seven day notice.

We know that women's lives are busy, a career, running a household, kids activities, taking care of their pets, even the oil change for the car can take priority over scheduling an annual mammogram! Our Mobile Mammo coach helps to make getting your annual mammogram convenient and efficient, because we come to you! It's much more convenient than each employee or resident having to take a half day of time away for this easy 15-20-minute appointment. Provide satisfaction and well-being to your employees or community residents schedule the Mobile Mammo at your location!

Mobile Mammo Event Overview

  • Analyze your work-place or community and confirm that there are a valid number of women age 40 or over who could utilize the convenient service of the Mobile Mammo.
  • Choose a site coordinator who will work with our staff to ensure that the Mobile Mammo screening event goes smoothly.
  • Publicize your Mobile Mammo event to your employees/clients, etc. and encourage them to schedule an appointment.
    • An 8.5x11 flyer is designed and provided to you in PDF format for this purpose.
  • Monitor the appointment volume (in conjunction with the Mobile Mammo department); if the minimum appointment requirement is not met 7-10 business days before the screening event it may be rescheduled or canceled.
  • Secure a parking location that is 8-10 parking spaces wide, level and free of low tree branches and cone off the parking location the night before your event. The Mobile Mammo Coach will arrive approximately two hours before your scheduled time block for set-up and quality control testing.
  • Confirm rest room access for our professional staff.

Materials to Promote your EventPromote Mobile Mammo

Once your Mobile Mammo screening event date is mutually confirmed, publicize your Mobile Mammo event to your employees/clients, etc. and encourage them to schedule an appointment to take advantage of this convenient health care service. Screening events can be private/closed to your employess/residents and/or event participants only, or open to the general public.

An 8.5x11 flyer is designed and provided to the site coordinator in PDF format for this purpose. We suggest that you use a variety of methods to promote the scheduling of appointments for your Mobile Mammo event. Print and distribute the flyer; send emails to your employees/client lists, etc.; post your event on your Facebook page and other social media accounts (sample verbiage can be provided to you).

You should not create a sign-up sheet, but encourage your audience to call 239-936-4068 to make an appointment. Appointments are made by our scheduling department, patients will receive a reminder call for their appointment and their applicable medical information will be confirmed, including referring physician, date and location of last mammogram and insurance coverage plan.

While sign-up sheets are discouraged, if the site coordinator's experience has shown that the most effective method for securing appointments is a sign-up sheet, a member of the Mobile Mammo department will discuss the options.

A member of the Mobile Mammo department will update your site coordinator on the progress of your appointment volume. If a minimum of ten patient appointments (Lee and Collier County requirement; 20 in surrounding counties) are not met 7-10 business days before the screening event, the event may be rescheduled or canceled.

Parking Location GuidelinesMobile Mammo Parking

The Mobile Mammo coach's are 43 feet long and 12.6 feet tall and require ample space to park and maneuver safely. Follow the guidelines below for selection of your event parking location.

  • The Mobile Mammo must be parked on a paved, level area.
  • Avoid narrow alleyways as the Mobile Mammo cannot make sharp, narrow turns.
  • The parking location cannot have low tree branches.
  • The parking location needs to include clearance for the stairs, which will be set-up on the passenger side, for patients to enter and exit the coach; the stairs are five feet wide.
  • The Mobile Mammo operates on diesel generator power and should not be parked near an air intake.
  • The parking location should be near the rest room for our professional staff to access; the Mobile Mammo is not equipped with a rest room.
  • The Mobile Mammo Coach will arrive approximately two hours before your scheduled time block for set-up and quality control testing (IE: if the first appointment is set for 8:00 a.m., the coach will arrive at 6:00 a.m.). Often times the Mobile Mammo is arriving in the dark and well before any staff members are on-site. If the selected parking location is behind a locked gate, arrangements must be made to provide access.
  • A site visit may be requested prior to your event to help determine parking.

Once the parking location is determined, cone off the space in your parking lot the night before your scheduled date to help the driver to identify where to park and to prevent other vehicles from blocking the designated event parking space.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • Most insurance providers cover screening mammograms for women age 40 and over as a wellness benefit. The exam frequency typically covered by a provider is one year plus one day from a patient's last exam. Radiology Regional Center is a contracted provider with multiple insurers and we will file all claims.
  • If a patient does not have insurance, a discounted self-pay rate of $159 is offered. Cash, check and most major credit cards are accepted.
  • Average appointment time is 15-20 minutes; the required registration packet is located here and can be completed in advance to improve the efficiency of the appointment.
  • A physician order/prescription is not required for women age 40 and over who need an annual screening mammogram.
  • The Mobile Mammo Coach does not perform diagnostic mammograms.


If you'd like to provide this convenient service to your employees or community, call Renée Palin, Mobile Mammography Director, at 239-425-4777. You can also click here to request the coach.

Mobile Mammo Coach


Contact Us (239) 936-2316

* All Copay, Coinsurance, and Deductible fees are Due at time of Service.

We Accept Cash, Check and Credit Cards:

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Mobile Mammo Coach

At A Glance

  • Promote your Mobile Mammo event

  • Secure a minimum of 10 appointments

  • Cone off 8-10 level parking spaces

  • Provide Rest Room access to our professional staff

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