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CT Screenings

Ultrafast CT of the Heart (Heart Score)

The Ultrafast CT Scan Screening of the Heart is a quick and simple test which assesses risk of heart attack by detecting and measuring the amount of calcium build-up in the coronary arteries. The test allows the radiologist to determine whether a patient has a serious risk of significant narrowing of blood vessels to the heart. More importantly, it allows physicians to find hardened arteries early, allowing treatment with medication and lifestyle changes. This is a screening that can precede more invasive tests such as a stress test and angiogram.


Ultrafast CT of the Lungs

The Ultrafast CT Scan Screening of the Lungs is a non-invasive CT scan that can detect abnormalities and lung cancer in its earlier, more curable stages using a new technique called helical low-dose CT scanning. The screening is far more accurate in finding lung tumors than a chest x-ray, the traditional diagnostic tool, and can find lung cancers at a much smaller size.
This screening is covered by Medicare and commercial insurance companies if eligibility guidelines are met. $179 


Full-Body HealthScan

The Full-Body HealthScan is a comprehensive series of CT scans that can detect certain abnormalities of the heart, lungs and organs of the abdomen and pelvis. The screening is non-confining and pain-free and "represents a remarkable advance in early disease detection and prevention", according to Radiology Regional Center's Michael Carron, M.D. Following the exam, patients will meet with the radiologist to discuss their results.

Price with Virtual Colonoscopy: $715 both exams


Virtual Colonoscopy

Virtual Colonoscopy is a quick and painless procedure that allows doctors to look at the large bowel (colon) to detect polyps and cancers in the early stages. It uses a CT scanner and computer graphic software to produce images of the colon through which the radiologist can "navigate". It is a non-invasive, highly accurate test.
Price with Full-Body HealthScan:$715 both exams



Vascular Screenings

Carotid Vascular Test 

The Carotid Vascular screening test utilizes B-mode and Doppler ultrasound technology to assess for blockage of the carotid arteries.  Assessment will be made for plaque formation, aneurysm and blood flow. $150



AAA Test

The AAA screening test is an ultrasound assessment of the aortic artery for abdominal aneurysms and plaque formations within the artery.$75



ABI – Circulation Screening Test  

The ABI – Circulation screening test measures the bilateral pressures of the arms and legs to assess for peripheral arterial disease (PAD). $75



ECHO Screening Test  

The ECHO screening test utilizes B-mode and Doppler ultrasound technology to measure the ejection fraction (EF) of the left ventricle, identify wall motion abnormalities (ischemia), murmurs (stenosis, valve insufficiency). $200


Total Package Price (Carotid, AAA, ABI, and ECHO) $299



PET Alzheimer's Screening

Identify Alzheimer's disease early in its course and thus allow for earlier treatment with improved long-term prognosis $1350


CCTA Coronary CT Angiography

Alternative to invasive angiography. Utilizes 64-slice CT scanner to obtain images of chest and abdomen. Shows narrowed areas of blood vessels and early disease in the vessel walls. Commonly used to rule out coronary stenosis and evaluate bypass grafts and coronary stents. $750 (SCRIPT REQUIRED) 






















































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